[Update 2016] How to Get Bandicam Full Version [Latest Version]

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Hello guys, this time I will to tell you about How to Get Bandicam Full Version. Bandicam is a screen capture utility developed by South Korean software company Bandisoft that can take screenshots or record screen changes. Bandicam consists of two modes. One is the 'Rectangle on a screen' mode, which can be used for recording a certain area on the PC screen. The other is the 'DirectX/OpenGL window' mode, which can record the target created in DirectX or OpenGL.

Bandicam is a shareware, meaning that it can be tested free of charge for a limited period of time. During trial period, Bandicam places its name as a watermark at the top of every recorded video or screenshot, and each recorded video is limited to 10 minutes in length. However users can adjust the screen margin with the video screen so that the watermark is off screen from the video.

Visit http://fian.nolima.ga/2016/02/how-to-get-bandicam-full-version.html
If you want to remove watermarks and record with a duration of more than 10 minutes. Follow the steps below:
1. Turn off your connection internet and antivirus;

2. Download and Install Bandicam Latest Version Update Nov 29, 2016;
Bandicam Link Download

3. After that, open the Bandicam and close. Next download Keymaker and Extract;
Bandicam Keymaker: Link Download

4. Open folder "Bandicam Keymaker" and open "keymaker.exe" with Run as administrator;

5. On this crack, Write your email and click "Registration Application!"

6. if successful, close Bandicam Keymaker, open Bandicam.exe, and look at the menu About.

7. Congratulation! Your Bandicam have a full version. Enjoy... :-)

You can see the video below:

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  1. mantep ini software sayang berat klo spek low end :D

    1. Nggak berat kok gan. Cuma kalau buat ngrekam game yang butuh spek tinggi biasanya baru lag :D

  2. fian, tolong link nya diperbarui

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